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Cleman's View Sports Park

In 1999, a group of civic minded community members organized the Upper Valley Sports and Recreation Association (UVSRA) (501C3).  Their goal was to provide youth athletic fields and a place where the community could gather.  UVSRA graciously accepted two parcels of land from the Boot and Spur Club and Allan Bros Inc.  Through community support, grants, and tireless work by volunteers created four little league baseball fields, concession, parking lot, tennis courts, and renovated the clubhouse.  Fundraising efforts such as the Indian Summer Fest were created and supported by the entire community.  Local youth girls and boys and many community organizations have benefited by the Cleman’s View Park facility.

After several boards had operated the non-profit, a new board was elected in 2020.  Through the years increasing operating and maintenance costs, taxes, and other factors had limited the development and progress of the project.  Then in early 2020 the unfortunate exposure of COVID-19 had rendered the clubhouse unable to be rented and the Upper Valley Little League to have a season due to the Washington State Governors order.  This significantly placed impact on the ability to operate the Cleman’s View Park. 

The Town of Naches administration staff and the current UVSRA board had several meetings to address solutions that could continue the development of the park and relieve maintenance and financial problems.  Several community members, such as Allan Bros Inc, HLA, Jeff and Kara Ranger, PacifiCorp Foundation and Top Rail Construction donated funding and time to continue the west parcel development of the park.  The Town of Naches Mayor and Council entered into a maintenance agreement with UVSRA and explored the transition of the park to the Town of Naches.  The process had to include approval from the Washington State Attorney General’s Office to transfer the property from a 501C3 to a municipality.  Town Attorney Mike Shinn assisted the Town and UVSRA with the process, approvals, and land transfer.

In October 2020, the property was successfully transferred to the Town of Naches.  During this time the Town Public Works has installed and repaired irrigation, updated the pump system, hydro seeded approximately 3 new acres, and is in the process of building a new pump house with the help and direction of Sodorff Construction.  Mayor Williams and the Naches Town Council have directed the staff to proceed to plan and develop the park, seek grants, and fundraise. 


December 2021 Update


Park and Ride Facility

Naches received Rural Mobility Grant funding for the Park and Ride facility located at 8894 US Highway 12. Washington State Department of Transportation awarded Naches $565,000 for the project.

Construction was awarded to American Rock Products on October 4, 2021. The project is underway and paving of the project concluded on November 30, 2021. The remainder of the project will be completed over the next several months. The remaining components to be completed include lighting, sidewalks, elect00ric car charging station and landscaping.

See the Park & Ride Parking Spaces Plan

Naches Event Center & Court Rehabilitation at Clemans View Sports Park

The most recent funding for this project was secured by Senator King within the Capital Budget. The amount awarded was $442k and construction began in Fall 2921.

The building is being renovated to meet current building code, ADA requirements and to meet current needs of the community. BOR Architecture has completed the design and the Town is awarding individual contractors through the bid process. Construction is expected to be completed by May of 2022.



February 2021 Update

We are blessed to have so many people support the Town of Naches effort to update and improve Cleman’s View Park. The following people have shown their love for the community and have generously donated.

Allan Bros. Inc.
Jeff & Kara Ranger
Long Ranches, LLC
HLA, Inc.
Jim Gillie
Yakindo Web Designs, Inc.
Price Cold Storage
Gail Welch
La Kat Gallery
Hazel Barnett
Yakima Waste
Doug & Ann MacNeil
Mike & Brenda Mills
Dave Desmarais
Rowe Farms, Inc.
Angie & Duane St. Martin
Apple King, LLC
Betty & Jim Rose
Stacy & Heather Young
Banner Bank
Wes Parker
Adam Ranger
Jake & Mandi Wilcox
Ted & Betty Schmelzer
Suzi & Paul Williams
Top Rail Construction
PacifiCorp Foundation
Bora Architecture
Sodorff Construction
Knobel Electric
Steve Wilcox
Advanced Mechanical


Clemans View UpdateJanuary 2021 Update

An update on where the Town of Naches is in the development of Cleman's View Park. First see the letter from WSDOT list for the 2021-2023 Regional Mobility Grant and the parking and ride lot at Cleman's View Park. The Town was successful in getting priority for funding for this project. This now goes to the Washington State Legislature and hopefully all the projects will be funded.

Second, this winter the Town has started demolition inside of the clubhouse. We are working on funding and other compensation for this project. We have received some help from BORA Architects and others to help facilitate this portion of the project. Please look at the link below for the new clubhouse floor plan.

Third, the Town engineers and I are working with other agencies on the proposed pedestrian bridge. We had a very positive meeting with Wagners Composite Fiber Technologies about their new product of manufactured ped bridges. I will keep you informed as we go through the process of working with WSDOT and funding agency possibilities.

And finally, the fundraising efforts. We are encouraged on what we have received thus far but have a significant amount still to raise. This is important in two ways. If communities buy into its projects it is much easier to approach funding agencies to contribute. This allows local contribution to be matched and shows it is a desired project by the community. The Town of Naches is encouraging any amount for donations. It takes the whole community to support these efforts.

We encourage all to donate and hope that you will encourage your friends, family, businesses, neighbors, etc. to do the same. With all of your help this can become a legacy project. Please download and share this graphic to your social media platforms, pledge to donate, and to encourage others to do the same.

The Town of Naches is providing acknowledgement on the US 12 reader board showing contribution from anyone giving $25 dollars or more. The "DONATE NOW" link is listed on the top of this page.


Clemans View Sports Park - Ball Fields Entrance
Reseeded Grass - Naches Park
Reseeded Grass - Naches Park
Reseeded Grass - Naches Park
Reseeded Grass - Naches Park
See more pictures of the park on Facebook

Key Objectives for the Future of the Park

  1. Enter into a new agreement in the future with Upper Valley Little League (UVLL).  Assure that future generations are provided the use of the facility.  The current UVLL board showed great leadership while improving the maintenance of the facility even though they were unable to have a season.
  2. Continue the west end development and install additional irrigation to the approximately 2.5 acres of open grass for multiple community events and uses.
  3. The Town of Naches has applied for a Regional Mobility Grant for a Park and Ride Facility at Cleman’s View Park (550k)
  4. The clubhouse has to be renovated. BORA architecture has provided some modifications that would include renovation of the block portion of the building while removing the west end of the older portion of the clubhouse.  The lower portion of the building will be used for maintenance and equipment storage by the Town for the facility.
  5. The Tennis courts will need major renovation and will likely be made into pickle ball courts.  The ongoing search for grants to fund the tennis courts is being done by the Town.

At the November 2020 Town Council meeting, the staff was directed by Mayor Williams and the Naches Town Council to proceed with a fundraising campaign for capital development and equipment for the Cleman’s View Park.  A separate account will be set up and expenses will be monitored by the Naches Town Council.

View Plans

Park & Ride - Parking Spaces Plan

Parking Space Plan
Download the Plan

View the Plans for the Community Events Center

Prepliminary plans
Download the Plan


Now for the Ask!

The Town of Naches during this transition period has shown its ability to continue the development and all regular maintenance will be provided by the Town.  We are asking any business, community member, or individual that supports the continuation of the park to donate.  All amounts are appreciated.  We have not currently set a financial goal because plans are always being updated.  The sky is the limit and you can watch and enjoy your donation grow. 

After you donate, please share on social media why you donated - whether you attended function at the Boot and Spur, watched your children or grandchildren play or if you are one of the players that were eventually part of the Naches Ranger Baseball teams that eventually won two state titles.

Please spread your own personal stories, even if you are unable to donate at this time, so we can reach as many people as possible. The Town of Naches would like the Cleman's View Sports Park to compliment the other nearby projects, such as the Naches Trail and Lighting, Naches Welcome Sign, and make the west end of the Town limits inviting to all people who visit beautiful Naches.

To Donate

Donations checks can be made payable to the Town of Naches and mailed to:

Clemans View Sports Park
Town of Naches
PO Box 95
Naches, WA 98937

You may also contact Jeff Ranger at or Elvira Birrueta at Office Phone No. 509 653-2647.




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